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Online Grocery Store

Are you having a hard time buying groceries in the market? Well, 75% of the population is tired of it not because they have to buy their fuel and go outside but because of the market rates that are two times higher than the online grocery store.

Have you ever thought about why that happens? Why are market rates so high? This is because the amount they charge in supermarkets is multiplied by the amount that has been paid while importing goods to the country or region. But that is not the case with online grocery stores!

Everyone earns through hard work and does not deserve to be bankrupted by these supermarket mafias. Therefore, many grocery stores started working online. These online grocery stores provide their services across the country and sell goods you may not find in the market.

Online shopping in Pakistan is already familiar, and approximately half of the population prefers online grocery stores and do their shopping online.

As I said above, some people like going to supermarkets while the rest of them (like me) don’t like that, so we prefer online grocery stores for specific reasons such as; it saves a lot of time, there is no queue online grocery stores, you don’t have to travel from home to supermarkets. So yes, online grocery stores are pretty convenient. 

There are many pros of online grocery stores and cons, which is why you should always be aware of digital theft and scam. So always shop from the trusted online grocery stores.

Let me introduce you to the master of the online grocery store world, Storeone! Storeone is an online grocery store in Pakistan. It has several categories like car accessories, mobile accessories, automotive, kitchen appliances, home appliances, and much more.

Store one has almost everything an online grocery store should have.

Have a look at some of their items from different categories and see if it makes any difference! Let’s start with home and lifestyle.

1. Home and Lifestyle Appliances on Online Grocery Stores.

1.1 Table Mate

Storeone has this table mate that brings you comfort, convenience, and portability. This is an ultimate adjustable folding table. That is why you can place it anywhere, and it won’t take much space. You can use it as a study table, meal, or laptop table. It can get along with your interior too. Plus, you can adjust it to six different height levels.

1.2 3D peel and stick wallpapers for your walls

So these 3D wallpapers are super sticky, unlike that non-stick frying pan. Store one has these wallpapers in different packs so you can buy the one you want. You can use it on your tv walls, featured walls, lounge, living room or anywhere you like to use. Self-adhesive design, easy to install, high elastic, and easy to use. Get rid of painting your walls again and again.

1.3 Vine string lights

These string lights will change the aesthetics of your home or anywhere you would like to install them. It has artificial silk leaves, plastic stems that look natural. You can decorate your home or working space with it and relieve your work pressure. It can be powered by low voltage and will not heat up even after prolonged usage.

2. Kitchen appliances in the online grocery store

2.1 Dish drying wall mount

This dish drying wall mount comes with a drain tray, making it easier to get rid of excess water after cleaning the dishes. In addition, it has moveable layer space. You can place this rack according to height. It is convenient and easy to use, and clean. So when are you going to buy it?

2.2 Non-stick aluminum frying pan

It is made with well constructed and strong aluminum, and it is wonderfully non-sticky and saves power. It makes your cooking less complicated. You can clean it quickly because the food does not stick inside it. It cooks up fast and healthy meals with less oil if you are concerned about your health.

2.3 3-in-1 multifunctional fruit and vegetable containers

You can keep your veggies and fruits clean, drained, and fresh in these containers. These fridge containers come with a filterable basket and partition. The basket can be used to wash vegetables and fruits, and it will drain excess water.

3.Speakers and headphones in the online grocery store

3.1 Mini portable USB speakers

While shopping from an online grocery store, have you ever come across these appliances? Mostly not. Because not every online grocery store has this category, and that is okay. Storeone provides high-quality mini portable USB speakers that you can carry with you anywhere you go.

3.2 Remax wireless keyboard and mouse

If you are tired of a regular mouse and keyboard, then this one’s for you. It comes with a relaxed gamer style. It has standard layout features, so it will be easy for you to get used to it or adapt to it. Colour and patterns will be sent according to availability.

3.3 Wireless headphones

If you already made up your mind to get a wireless keyboard and mouse, you should add these wireless headphones to your list because they will make a good impression. It can pair with your Bluetooth in a 30 meters range. It has a dual-mode adaptive noise cancelling, 12hrs rechargeable battery with fuel gauge. You can take calls with a built-in mic. And last but not least it is a stylish accessory!

3.4 Apple EarPods generation 2

This one is for apple users! Get your hands on these EarPods that deliver the wireless headphones experience! It has five hours of listening time and three hours of talk time.

So this was a detailed description of just some appliances, but there is much more. Have you ever shopped from an online grocery store that has this much variety? If yes, then let us know the name of that online grocery store so storeone can look up to that and improve its services and quality for you!

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