What is Social Media Marketing? Why It Is Good for a career?

Social Media Marketing

When we use social media platforms to build our brands and gather the audience to generate traffic is what we call social media marketing. 

Today social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to publicize your brand and small start-ups. It increases the sale and drives website traffic. 

1. What includes social media marketing? 

Social media marketing includes posts, photos, videos, reviews, text images, and other engaging creative content to keep the audience engaged. 

Right now there are many social media platforms but the most prominent and major ones are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Linkedin.  

social media

Do you know that social media marketing first started via publishing? Well, you’re welcome then! At that time businesses were sharing their content on social media to generate the targeted audience and for sales of course! 

But today is a different era. Nowadays they are not just creating but monitoring their audience as well. 

2. What skills do you need for social media marketing? 

There is no hard and fast rule to social media but you should be having some basic skills. Not only because you might need them at some point in life but because it is necessary for any field you are going to join.  

Let’s have a closer look into it. 


2.1 Good Communication 

Good Communication skill is something you obviously need anywhere you go. Besides social media marketing is something where communication matters so much so if you are not good at it well then start working on it. 

Good Communication

2.2 Creative 

Creativity is the next skill after communication. It is one of the most important attributes of social media. Now the question is how can you get creative? Well as you know; the sky’s the limit. Be creative in the posts or videos or generate something that builds interest. 


2.3 Ability to write 

You should have the ability to write engaging content too. However, images and videos are the centers of attention but writing also plays an individual role in social media marketing.


2.4 Thirst to learn 

Do you have a thirst to learn new things every day? If not then start doing that too. Because every day there is a new update on social media and technology changes and you don’t know what would a consumer expect next from you. 

2.5 Marketing  

Although you don’t need a marketing degree for social media marketing if you are really into it. But you still need to understand the basic principle of marketing. 


2.6 Strategic thinker 

It’s all fun and game until the strategic thinking strikes in. you can learn it through training but mainly it is something that should be in your mind. That is what we call a strategic mind.  

2.7 Analytical mind  

Okay, so this one is the most advantageous and important skill of social media. Do you have analytical skills? I suppose you do. And if not then start developing this skill. Having an analytical mind is a help to make sense of all the data you have instead of relying on assumptions you can directly make informed decisions.   

These are some of the many skills you need to have to get into the social media world. It is a huge domain and it takes patience and time to be the person you want to be.  

Analytical mind

3. Is Social Media Marketing a good career? 

It depends on the consistency of your nature and it depends on that because as I said above; it takes time and patience. I’m not sure if it is good for a permanent career but you need to be a real consistent person to start this social media marketing.  

As I said before that it is a huge domain and you can split it into different categories or departments as per se. Every department has its professionals working for them. Is social media marketing a good career option? Umm yes. Is it stable? The answer remains the same. Each platform has its pros and cons and it doesn’t promise stability. But it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a shot.

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