Spain cancels bull-running festival

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As reported a few months ago, the mayor of city Pamplona stated that the tradition of the bull-running festival will not take place again. For an event that gathers a lot of foreigners’ interest, it’s a pity to hear such news. The event was called off because of the ongoing pandemic for the second year in a row. The mayor of Pamplona said this:

“To my very despair, I’m forced to officially suspend the festival of San Fermin in 2021,” mayor Enrique Maya told reporters.

The utilization of funds for the bull-running festival will now feature in other activities during the summer. The mayor was less adamant about shutting the festival down as it’s a major source of attraction. The conditions did not support him and eventually, he had to make a bold decision. Just like last year, this year will serve to be the same. Last year, due to the closure, the city faced a hefty loss in July from the restaurant and bar sectors.

When did the Bull-running festival start?

The bull-running festival is a part of the nine days festival to honor Sanfarmine, who is considered to be the first bishop of Spain. Many consider his presence as a myth. The honoring of Sanfarmine though takes place each year. Initially, the herders used this famous passage to move the animals from the countryside into the city. The herders either bought these animals for fighting or selling. The hurdles of these beasts created a terror of their own and gave them momentum before the bullfights.

This became a tradition in the city of Pamplona. The herders who used to rush the bulls to reach their landmarks quickly turned it into a tradition. The public started disrupting the bulls and thus it gradually became one of the most famous traditions. This ultimately became a global attraction leading to one of the most favorite festivals for tourists to enjoy. 

How this festival became a global attraction?

This bull-riding festival which is a part of the honoring of Sanfermines is very historic and attracts new eyes every year. This event that takes place in the city of Pamplona goes through 7 different stages. The runners make sure to stay safe from the unleashed beasts. This bull-running festival can result in very severe consequences for people. Even though this event has religious feelings attached to it, but in recent times, it is only for entertainment purposes.  

An event attended by over a million tourists and heaps of locals is a source of income for Pamplona’s government. Major revenue is generated during the honoring of Sanfarmine especially because of the bull-running festival. This event did not gather the attention of the globe in recent times. In the year 1926, an American writer in his novel, described in his novel about the bull-running festival. Since then the outflow of tourists have turned their attention to this bull-running festival

This religious yet entertaining bull-running festival held in the city of Pamplona is expected to resume in 2022. The number of covid-19 cases in Pamplona was scary and one of the highest in the country. Therefore taking precautionary measures, the government decided to think otherwise than to carry out the event. Bull-running festival generates a lot of foreign interest and holds a firm position to help the country, especially the city’s economy.

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