Some Of The Biggest Libraries In The World

Biggest Libraries

I always say to myself that if I get fortunate enough in this life, I would build my personal library. Therefore; I have already started collecting books. When you are a reader this is the first thing you think about. Many people travel the world to see its beauty but my reasons are very clear about traveling. There are certain things I really want to do while traveling to different countries and cities and one of them is to explore some of the biggest Libraries.

A society is defined by the choice of its literature which is very prominent when you visit some of the places in Asia. because these places are rich in culture, literature, and inheritance. There are many biggest libraries in the world that will make you drop your just after a single glance.

This blog is for those who love libraries and wish to visit breathtaking and biggest libraries in the world. Just because you can’t visit them physically you can at least enjoy this virtual ride. We all know that libraries are a source of wisdom but when it comes to books lovers, these libraries are temples for them. Therefore; I am going to mention some of the biggest libraries in the world in this blog.

1. Library Of Congress — Washington D.C. America, Biggest Libraries

Let’s start with the Library of Congress, located in Washington DC, America. It is one of the biggest libraries and the country’s oldest cultural institution as well as the library. The collection of books in this library are from all around the world. It consists of three buildings and in terms of shelf space and numbers of volume, this library is the largest in the world. It is one of the tourist attractions in America and opens to the public for on-site research. The library of Congress holds a collection of 32 million cataloged books; more than 61 million manuscripts. It receives 22,000 copies per day from the publication produced in the United States. The library collection fills about 1,349km of bookshelves. So if you are in America or planning to visit America, make sure to include this tourist attraction on your list!

2. British Library —   London, Biggest Libraries

Everyone knows about the British Library in London. It is the national library of London and the second biggest library in the world. It has around 170 to 200 million items placed into 388 miles of shelves. The British Library receives 8,000 copies per day from the publication produced in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Other than that it has 14 million books collection and every year three they add three million more items to the library, occupying 9.6km of new shelf space.

3. Bodleian Library — Oxford, UK, Biggest Libraries

Moving forward to another Library in the UK, located in Oxford. This is one of the biggest libraries in the world because this library has more than 11 million items, including many of historical importance: four copies of the Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible, and Shakespeare’s First Folio (from 1623), just to name a few. It was founded in 1602 as Oxford University Library and it is one of the oldest libraries in Europe.

4. Shanghai Library  —  China, Biggest Libraries

Including China in the list because of the Shanghai Library. It beats the national library of China with a collection of 56 million items. The part Bibliotheca Zi-Ka-Wei of the Shanghai Library was founded in 1847 by European Jesuit missionaries; the Shanghai Municipal Library, built-in 1952, later absorbed the Bibliotheca.

Interestingly this library is also physically the biggest library in the world and the 348-foot tower makes it the second tallest library in the world too.

5. National Library of China in Beijing  —  China,

Since we have mentioned the Shanghai library, now it’s impossible to ignore the National Library of China that’s located in Beijing. It is one of the biggest libraries in the world for a reason. Once you visit it, you will fall in love with the infrastructure of this library. It is not only one of the biggest libraries in the world but the largest library in Asia too. It has 33..78 million items. It was founded by the government of the Qing dynasty in September 1909. The director of the library is Han Yongjin. If you want to read China’s literature, this library is the best place to go because the National Library of China houses the largest collections of Chinese literature and historical documents in the world.

So here you go with some of the biggest libraries in the world. I don’t know about any of you but these biggest libraries are on my list for sure!

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