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article syndication

Article syndication: There is a big ocean in article submission on the internet. Article submission is a prominent way to promote your products, services, and business. That helps in boosting traffic towards your digital asset like the website. There is no limit in submitting articles, and you can submit thousands of articles as long as you follow Google’s policy as it dislikes spam. 

1. Focus Should on Content in Email Communication

You should focus on content during email communication. Make sure you don’t give the reader’s impression that you are trying to spam them. People dislike spam emails, and they don’t even bother to open that. If you don’t provide quality in your content, people will unsubscribe from your email list, and you will lose your potential customers and sales. 

article syndication

2. Website Meta Tags 

An excellent tip for successful online marketing is the proper completion of meta tags associated with your website with keywords related to your business. You should have different keywords for every individual page on your website. Don’t ever use the same keyword with two pages as it is against Google’s policy, and this term is called keyword cannibalization. 

3. Use Proper Punctuation & Grammar at Better Level 

Keep in mind writing an article is an art, and it requires thought and words to write. Many internet marketers attempt to draw traffic on websites to get sales. To do this, use proper punctuation and grammar at a better level. Google prefers to rank those articles which may have minimal writing mistakes. You must have a using words technique to write well for the readers. 

article syndication

4. Submit Your Article to Blog Networks & Directories 

You must have heard of Blogspot which is an Article submission website. It is one of the most popular and accessible blog networks on the internet. It’s easy and free and doesn’t require any technical skills to start with. Submit your article to these types of blog networks. You can even submit your article to article directories as there are many free directories available on the internet. You just need to write the correct query to find them on Google. Blogging is very famous and popular, and a good blog can do wonders for your website in terms of traffic and viewership. 

5. Use Tools To Maximize Your Visibility 

There are numerous tools available in the market that can submit your article on multiple article submission directories with just a push of a button. Use those tools to maximize your visibility. Some of them are free, and some require yearly or monthly subscriptions. These tools are worth investing in, and they can help to gain visibility and readership. 

6. Don’t Overload Your Article

Don’t overload your article with the same words and consecutive words. Don’t over-optimize with keywords as it comes in keyword stuffing. Don’t repeat sentences more than once in every paragraph. Use transition words like, Therefore, Furthermore, For, Instance, Moreover, In this paragraph and In conclusion in the end. 

7.Include Relevant Information on Article 

Don’t forget Google prefers you to write for the readers, not for google if you include relevant information in your article, and Google will love to show and rank you on SERPs as it provides value to the reader. People are searching on search engines to gain knowledge. Make it a fact, and it will feel your reader spend time on your article that is beneficial for them. 

8. Focus on Your Targeted Audience 

Your article will indeed be based on the number of people who will read the article. That doesn’t mean that you try to show your article all over the search engines. Be specific and focus on your targeted audience that’s how you will get the right viewership on your article. It will be beneficial if you show a small number of people who are looking to solve their problem that your article can solve rather than showing it to the whole crowd. Don’t ever ignore or neglect your targeted audience.

9. Engage Your Reader with Catchy Lines 

You can start your article syndication with catchy lines or jokes that can engage your readers. You can even use catchy lines in the middle of the content to keep the reader’s interest alive to read your article further. Make sure you stick to the topic and don’t say anything fishy in the article that your reader can get distracted. 

article syndication

10. Write Most Important Points on Top 

Constantly develop a distinctive writing voice that makes your content for your readers. Make sure you write the essential points on the top of the article. Sometimes readers don’t have time to read the full article and don’t scroll down. The average person looking for any information, products, and services will look at the page maximum in less than a minute, so make sure to present the most crucial point in a digestible manner in a short amount of time.  

The purpose of article syndication is to drive traffic to your website. It is beneficial for both parties. Readers are getting knowledge, and you are getting visitors and sales. It is pretty easy as everything available on the internet to learn and how to do things. The more information you will provide, the more authority you will develop within your audience. Doing article syndication and guest posting in the right way will help you to build a healthy relationship with Google.

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