Places To Visit Once In A Lifetime!!

Visit Once In A Lifetime

 It doesn’t matter if you are more inclined to mountains than to oceans. We will try our best to cover the most famous mountain ranges of the world Visit Once In A Lifetime  as well as the perfect beaches to spend your summer vacations! Maybe camping in a forest or a quick visit to deserts. Everything under one roof.

 Tighten your seatbelts because this is going to be a hella ride! Should we start with forests or beaches? Because we will wind it up with a mountain or desert. Let’s get started!

1. Amazon Best Rainforest to visit once in a Lifetime

 The Amazon is the world’s biggest rainforest, as we all know. It is said that it is larger than the two rainforests combined in congo-basin and Indonesia. Nearly two-thirds of amazon forest is found in Brazil. If you are into tree species, you must visit this place because amazon has approximately 1600 tree species and 390 billion individual trees. It is a perfect place for someone who wants to explore nature.

Amazon Rainforest

2.  Antarctica Best Place to visit once in a LifeTime

 Now you might be thinking, what did I say, no? Who travels to Antarctica where there is no city or not even a country! You are right. Antarctica doesn’t have any land or a town but stations that conduct research daily and make scientific discoveries. So yea, if you are that science person and you like to have some adventures with (polar bears) then visit this unowned continent ASAP!


 3. Mount Fuji, JAPAN Place To Visit Once In a LifeTime

 In a mood to hike a mountain? There are too many peaks worth summiting, but all it takes is courage and strategy. If you think of having a fresh start, you might want to travel to Japan and pay a special visit to Mount Fuji; otherwise, the whole trip to Japan would be incomplete. It is 3779 meters, Japan’s highest Peak. Surprised? Well, why don’t you see it yourself? The best time to hike is from mid-July to the end of August

Mount Fuji

4. Black sand beach

Ever been to somewhere entirely aesthetic? It’s time! Reynisfjara, aka The black sand beach, is calling you. On a 20 mins drive from Vik in southern Iceland. I bet you have never seen a beauty like this before. Have you? This sea is the home to many nesting seabirds like puffin, fulmar, guillemots. A perfect sight for bird watchers.

Black sand beach

5. Svalbard, Norway Aesthetic place to visit once in Life time

 It is located 800km north of mainland Norway. This landscape is dominated by tundra, bare mountains, glaciers, extreme light variations, and fascinating animals. It is known for mesmerizing northern lights viewing opportunities because it is pitch-black all day and night, October through February. It is also known for its wildlife. So if you think you can spend time here with a pitch-black sky, then add this to your list now!


 6. Arashiyama Elite Bamboo Forest To visit once In A lifetime

 Obsessed with bamboo trees? It would be best if you visited the Arashiyama forest in Japan. It is one of the most favorite tourist attraction spots. It is located at the foot of “storm mountain” in the north of Kyoto. This Arashiyama bamboo grove is open 24/7 and is accessible to everyone. Arashiyama forest is such a treat to the eyes as well as the soul. The surrounding area is known for its different techniques of fishing. Arashiyama offers an unforgettable Japanese experience. So when are you going to visit this bamboo forest?

Bamboo Forest

 7. Denali peak A must Place to Visit Once In A Lifetime!!

If you have decided to climb Mount Fuji, then add this Peak to your list too. However, it is pretty hard to summit in terms of the support, but there is no harm to think about it at least. Right? Its beauty generates a magnetism that draws climbers’ attention around the world. This is the highest mountain peak in North America and is also known as Mount McKinley. It is 20,310 ft tall and 6,190 m above sea level. Isn’t it the time to wake up the climber inside you? I suppose, yes!

 8. Swiss Alps, Switzerland Best to visit once in a lifetime

 Ever been to Switzerland? No? I bet this is on your bucket list, though. If you get a chance to visit Switzerland, you should pay a visit to the Swiss Alps. If you are into skiing or hiking, then my friend, this is the place for you! These Swiss Alps are situated south of the Swiss Plateau and north of the national border. This is one of the top spots for skiing.

 9. Atlantic Ocean Best Island to visit once in a lifetime

 Need some time for yourself away from the noise of this fast world? Then pack your summer bags and head towards Parrot Cay! This is an island in Turk and Caicos Island. It became a private island resort in 1998. It is located about 925 km southeast of Miami. You can reach there by a 35 minutes boat ride.

Atlantic Ocean

What makes it a best place to visit once in a lifetime? Umm, Its original name was “Pirate Island,” and 300 years ago, it was the perfect hiding place for pirates waiting to attack Spanish treasure fleets or hiding from the authorities. So if you are planning to hide from someone, it’s the perfect place for you! *winks*

 10. Atacama Desert Best place to visit once in Life time

 As I said at the start of the trip, we will wind it up with a desert. And who doesn’t like it? You should never have the dessert (desert) before the main course. *smirks*

Atacama Desert

Many people assume that deserts are the hottest on earth, but what if I tell you that the Atacama desert is one of the cooler deserts? It is located in South America, covering 1,600 km of land on the pacific coast. However the Atacama desert is known as the “driest place on the earth,” but it’s still home to millions of people due to its location along the pacific coast. And that’s why it is more relaxed than most deserts globally and usually covered with fog.

 These are the best destination to visit once in a lifetime So when will you plan your trip and what will be the first place you’d like to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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