OL-Lyon star joins FC Barcelona

Last weekend it was announced that the Dutch star, Memphis Depay, will join FC-Barcelona on a free transfer. With a few of his international buddies like Sergio Dest and Frankie Dejong, the soon-to-be arriving player will feel comforted. The manager of the team has high hopes from Depay, who has good performances up his sleeve. A team that was consistent in winning the league titles, has gone on a two-year hold. The dutch star joins FC Barcelona this summer.

1. High hopes for Memphis as the Dutch star joins FC Barcelona

Ronald Koeman, the manager, makes sure to have another star in the squad to keep a diversified squad for the upcoming La Liga season. The player also has high hopes since news of his joining came out and desires to play as much as possible in a star-studded squad. The inclusion of the 27-year old promises better help from the wings that has been missing especially since the great Leo Messi shifted at the top of the midfield.

2. Rumors circulating about Messi’s departure

Since last season when the Argentine asked for a release, the fans wonder what his destination would be this time around. With such rumors circulating, Koeman is keen on taking some preventive measures to fill the all-so-heavy shoes of probably the greatest ever like Messi. Just in case if the Argentine leaves, their coach is already staying proactive and cautious and would bring in world-beaters like Depay. Depay, the Dutch star joins FC Barcelona to give the team a bit more attacking mentality from the flanks.

3. The probable benefits of signing Memphis Depay

As we know that the coach and Depay share the same nationality and the bonding with the boss will be incomparable. During his days with the English giants, Depay suffered a lot due to not being in the good books of the manager, Jose Mourinho. This time around after the Dutch star joins FC Barcelona, the 27-year old will feel much better with the support of his manager just like his previous ventures where he outshined many other talented teammates.

Here are 5 benefits as the Dutch star joins FC Barcelona

  • Quality in the flanks.
  • Pressing quickly while not being in possession, a major problem for FCB these days.
  • Helping the main forward by delivering deadly crosses.
  • Playmaking, a technique on which the team relies only on Messi will now be shared.
  • Precision passing and clinical finishing.

For a team like FC Barcelona, lifting the champions league, which is the biggest prize in world football, wasn’t a big achievement. Since the departure of the core of their midfield maestros, the team lacks quality in big games. Memphis would like to bring out the past glory of this famous club. He desires to lift the trophy and being in the presence of star players one desires to win big. Former OL-Lyon star joins FC Barcelona after the closing of Euro 2020.

With an amazing set of performances as Lyon’s captain, taking them to the semis of the champions league in 2020, Depay hopes to lift the highest reward in Europe for club football. 

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