Money Heist Season 5 Is Finally Out


Money heist season 5 is finally out and back with the bang for its brand new season for all its viewers. Netflix’s most popular Spanish series and second most non-English tv show entered its fifth and final season. The show finished in November 2017, but after Netflix acquired a money heist, it became a remarkable show worldwide. Thus, one of the most extensive crime series, money heist season 5 is finally out with the blockbuster launch.

The cast gained millions of followers on social networking sites globally after the series launched through Netflix and the popularity of the cast members. The increasing popularity in money heist resulted in season 2 and later season 3 and further extended to season 4.

After four seasons for the audience love, Professor and his crew are finally back for the last time out with a bit of a twist. The show is keeping the excitement and suspense sustained by not leaking further details. However, the biggest tv show in history, money heist season 5 is finally out with many speculations about the show’s end.


Money heist season 5 is finally out, and people are very excited about what will happen to the gang as they are in the bank of Spain. Season 4 ends with the team losing the connection with the outside surgeon, but Tokyo successfully removes the bullet from Nairobi’s lungs. The success in the surgery changed the command from Palmero to Tokyo, which made Palmero leave the bank, but Helsinki tied him up.

Money heist season 5 is finally out, and the recap of previous show reflects that the professor planned an escape for Lisbon to get out of the horrific interrogation by inspector Sierra. After escaping through illegal detention, the professor set up a plan to get her inside the bank of Spain to reunite with the gang. Money heist season 5 is finally out and takes off from where the last one ended. In the previous season, Marsella recused the professor from the police in the woods.

Colonel Tamayo asked Alicia to take responsibility and release the tapes of Rio’s brutal attack of interrogation by her. She later discovered that Antonanzas is the team’s mole as she replays her negotiation with the professor. Season 4 ended with a twist where the gang inside the bank of Spain thinks everything is going as planned, but Alicia discovered where the professor was hiding and put a gun on the professor’s head. The story will continue as Money heist season 5 is finally out.


Even though it is a crime series but people fall in love with the show after the season 1 release. People loved every character of the show, which increased the following on social networks like Instagram and Twitter. People are showing extra love to the cast since the blockbuster announcement.

In previous seasons the three main characters said goodbye to the audience, which made people cry. The deaths were not only unexpected but also inglorious to unraveling events.

It is finally out and kicked back with a great cast, including Alvaro Morte, known as a professor, Ursula Corbero as Tokyo, Jamie Lorente as Denver, Miguel Herran as Rio, Darko Perric as Helsinki, Itziar Ituno as Raquel, Esther Acebo as Monica, Rodrigo de la Serna as Palermo, Luka Perros as Marsella, Hovick Keuchkerian as Bagota, Najwa Nimiri as Alicia, Diana Gomez as Tatiana, Enrique as Arturo roman, Juan Fernandez as Prieto.


It might be the last season of the most popular tv show on Netflix as we know it so far, but also new names added to the cast for the previous season. We will be seeing the three new characters, including an excellent top Spanish actor Miguel Angel Silvestre as Rene. She previously acted in big shows like Narcos, Sense 8, and Sky Rojo. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about the character yet for now.

The second member of the cast is Patrick Criado as Rafael. He is the youngest member of the money heist season 5 cast. The speculations show that he might be berlin’s son. As behind the scene shows Patrick with berlin. The question about his character and relation will change.

The third new character this time around, involves Jose Manuel Seda as commander Sagasta. He will be acting as an antagonist. Money heist season 5 is finally out, and the leaked information shows commander Sagasta as a morally flawed military officer. However, the character looks powerful as he is not afraid to do whatever it takes to make the mission successful. Money heist season 5 is finally out with all these three powerful characters. The relation between the three characters with the gang is currently unknown, but time will reveal.


According to producers, season 5 will be the last ride for the most popular tv show money heist. This season consists of two mini parts; each part contains five episodes each. The first five episodes will be in September, while the other five will be in December.

Each part focuses on two different genres. The first part is about action and thriller, whereas the second part is an emotional rollercoaster of the characters and the audience. Money heist season 5 is finally out, and people are ready to enjoy the rollercoaster till December.

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