Is Money Heist Worth Watching?

money heist

I have good and bad news for the Spanish Crime Drama Series La Casa De Papel fans, aka Money Heist! The good news is, the Series has wrapped, filming its finale, and the bad? Well, the Heist is coming to an end!

Now the question is, why are people getting so obsessed over this Spanish crime drama series Money Heist? And is it worth a watch? Well, in my opinion, if you are fond of suspense, thrill, and action, then give Money Heist a shot. The four seasons have been aired since now, and the franchise is set to release its finale by the end of this year.

1. Cast and Characters

If we talk about the cast of Money Heist, then it consists of renowned Spanish actors such as Alvaro Morte as Sergio, who plays the main character of El Professor and mastermind of the Heist. Then Pedro Alonso is Berlin, gang leader, and a close friend of the Professor. 

Paco Tous and Jamie Lorente are playing the father-son duo. In addition, you will watch Ursula Corbero and Miguel Herran as Tokyo and Denver in a couple-duo. Ursula is also serving as an unreliable narrator of Money Heist.

Itziar Ituno plays the role of inspector incharge Raquel Murillo in season 1.

The most liked character throughout the Series Alba Flores as Nairobi.

Money Heist is created by Alex Pina, who is a Spanish television producer, writer, series creator, and a director.

2. Plot and Review

The plot of Money Heist revolves around a group of different criminals, and the story begins when the Professor brings them all together and plans the biggest Heist in history. He trains them for five months and plans to rob The Royal Mint of Spain.

For the first two seasons, Money Heist managed to hook the viewers with its incredible plot twist, red jumpsuit costumes, and a Dali mask, which has been an iconic symbol of resistance against capitalism for a long time in history.

After the second season, it feels as if the creator ran out of plot twists, there are loopholes, and the story starts to crumble. But somehow it manages to get back on the track.

The third and fourth seasons revolve around the Heist in the Bank of Spain and the aftermath of a robbery when authorities catch up with the gang. Some of the gang members lost their lives. New characters have joined the gang. And by the end of season four, we see the Professor in some trouble because he’s been caught.

There are some details I didn’t mention because that might spoil it for someone who hasn’t watched Money Heist yet, so I’m favoring you by not telling you the whole story of it.

3. Final Thoughts

The Series is covered in calm and chaos throughout, which led us to question, what will happen next?

Is there a snitch between them?

The mastermind has been caught, and the gang is unaware of that! So now it’s all up to them.

Or maybe it’s time to end this war between authority and gang.

Can we expect the creators of Money Heist to revive a former cast member?

Possibilities are endless! And we are here for it!

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