Is Business Catalyst SEO Friendly?

SEO Friendly

It is the common question that is often asked that is Adobe business catalyst SEO friendly? The simple answer is Yes, it is very friendly.

There are some suites with integrated tools that make search engine optimization on the business catalyst program is easy. Still, in significant cases, Adobe is also proactive fully automated with third-party partners to further improve the functionality of Adobe’s business catalyst content management system (CMS) that allows users to optimize their sites better.

SEO Learning is very important before optimizing any website. There are some of the fantastic features that are available on business catalysts that we use on a daily basis to improve our client’s on-page SEO. We have listed down the features and followed other tips such as:

1. Simple Meta Titles & Descriptions or MetaData Access

All site pages, categories pages, FAQs, Web Apps, and eCommerce products have SEO meta title and description. All these pages are ready to modify without going into complex coding like HTML view. Meta keywords can also be added within the property inspector.

SEO Friendly

2. Alt Tags

Alt tags are most important for images from an SEO point of view. You can use a property inspector to add them to your pictures. When you enter alternative text into your photos, it is easy for Google to index them with the right keyword, and that can be displayed if the image does not load.

3. H1 to H6 Heading Tags

Adobe business catalyst SEO Friendly allows us up to H6 heading tags. You can easily add H1 to H6 headings within the admin to take advantage of ranking higher by highlighting essential keywords in these heading tags. You can also give them style from CSS styling.

SEO Friendly

4. E-Commerce Products & Categories

Business catalyst is very simple CMS and so SEO friendly that you can easily add Meta Title & Meta Descriptions to the large product detail layout on a product-by-product basis or even in categories that allow tight control over SERPs snippet for each product in your store.

5. Redirect Domain Names

You can redirect all the domains to your primary domain to avoid duplicate content issues and use business catalyst “redirect” features in the domain name tab. It helps to eliminate multiple URLs appearing in the search engine SERPs.

6. Sitemap.XML

Sitemap.xml allows search engines to crawl a complete list of all site pages, videos, images. It is automatically updated on a daily basis. Having a sitemap.xml keeps your site fresh and up to date and allows crawlers more chances to be spidered entirely. 

SEO Friendly

7. 301-Redirect

301 is a permanent redirect that passes all the equity to the redirected page to rank and index. You can easily set up redirects from the URL redirect module in business catalyst SEO Friendly, or even you can upload excel documents with all the redirect links.

SEO Friendly

8. Robots.Txt

The robots.txt is a text file that gives instructions to search crawlers on which site pages to crawl. You can easily add robots.txt from FTP to your site to control over pages. This is a great option to quickly remove or add pages from SERPs.

SEO Friendly

9. Google Analytics Tracking

Google Analytics is a great tool to monitor your traffic. It gives you a better opportunity to understand your user behavior. Business analytics has a container to add analytics code to your website to track traffic.

Builtin Reports By Adobe Business Catalyst Business catalyst has the built-in report tool to track your site success and popularity that you receive monthly or weekly reports based on website traffic, conversions, subscribers, email marketing campaign, and login details. Business catalyst is not only SEO friendly CMS, but it is the most popular choice.

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