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Do you believe that more than 70k searches are done on Google in a second? Yes, you hear that right it’s the only ratio of about the seconds now can you imagine how many searches are performed in a day? Well, Google doesn’t share its data about search density but according to researchers, more than 3 billion searches are done on google in a day in which major searches consist of websites with Google Advertising.

1. Do Google Adsense and Google Adword the same??

I know these terms sound the same to many of us but let me clear one thing that they are not at all the same. Though the purpose of both tools is Google advertising Ads. 

I caught you!!

You must be thinking about how Adsense and Adword are different if their purposes are the same??

2. Are you still Confused?

Well, you shouldn’t be because this article gives all answers to your question about Google Adword and Google Adsense. From the name, most people believe Google Adsense and Google Adword are the same tools with different names. Here is what differentiates Google Adsense from Google Adword.

3. Adsense is a platform for publishers

Have you ever wondered why people are crazy about publishing their articles and blog website on Google?? Do you still believe writing articles for Google advertising is not worthy?? Then most probably you’re wrong because writing a blog, article and publishing them on Google can make you a millionaire and that makes AdSense a platform for publishers because if you successfully write plagiarism free unique articles Google rewards you by monetizing your website from which you can get a chance of earning money from Google advertising. Following are the factors that differentiate Adsense from Adword

  1. Adsense is for publishers.
  2. Adsense Pay publishers.
  3. Adsense advertises the advertisement in your article from which you can earn money.

Note The more clicks and impressions your website gets, the more your chances of being a millionaire increase.

google advertising

4. Want to Earn money from Adsense??

Most probably your answer will be Yes because who doesn’t want to earn money online. For that, all you need is a website, a laptop and an internet connection and of course your written articles.

Hey, you are a just few steps away from earning money through Adsense so let’s get started.

google advertising

5. How to monetize your Blog On Adsense??

Consider yourself going for an interview in PJ’s or casual dress. Do you think the company will hire you?? Similarly, Adsense won’t approve the website that does not fulfill their requirement so before monetizing your website for Adsense. Read the Following Steps carefully.

  • Create an Adsense account by filling the form that consists of your name, address, and of course your website URL.
  • Your website should consist of at least 20 articles.
  • The article should contain relevant and unique content.
  • Avoid plagiarism.
  • Before publishing proofread your articles for spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • The length of the article must be a minimum of 600.
  • Create Adsense code and place that on the sidebar of your blog.
  • Verification mail for accounts accepted or rejected will be sent to you.

Note: If you have less than 20 articles then applying for an Adsense account will not be a good idea.

google advertising

6. Google Advertising or Adword is a platform for advertisers

Well, you read that right Adword is a platform for advertisers in which a business or a brand pay money to advertise like Google Adword for ranking their website on top so whenever a search related to their website is made google advertising rank their website and whenever a click is done on that website some amount that the business has placed to Adword will be deducted. The following features differentiate Google Adword from Adsense.

  • Adwords is for advertisers
  • Business pay For AdWords.
  • Adword is not free.
  • How to create Google AdWords Account?

Well creating a Google AdWord account will no more be difficult if you follow the steps carefully that are given below.

  • Create a Google Manager Account
  •  From Google Manager access your Adword Account
  • Click the Red button on the topmost corner.
  • Name your account.
  • Fill up the information about time carefully because this will not be edited once saved.
  • Now select the currency in which you give the payment.
  • Click create an account.

Note: Below is some key points that you have to follow before creating Google Advertising an AdWord account.

google advertising

7. What are the requirements of Google Advertising?

 Confused why Adword does not accept your Ads?? Well, don’t worry because below are some tips that will definitely help you in creating Ads that will no more be rejected.

  • Give relevant information
  • Google prohibits Adult content.
  • Use the perfect Ad format
  • Avoid using copyright content
  • Avoid using fancy fonts that confuse the user.
  • Avoid giving irrelevant information in your Ads

Say no to Adword rejections by following the above steps carefully.

8. How to make a Google AdWords Campaign?

Paying for Ads that are not reaching the correct audience is a waste of money so the Google AdWord campaign helps you in tracking your Ads so that you can use them more efficiently. Below are the steps that will help you in creating a google advertising campaign.

  1. Sign in on an AdWord account.
  2. On the left side click the campaign
  3. Select new campaigns by setting up your goals and target.
  4. Select campaign type.
  5. Click continue

I hope you find this article useful about Google advertising. If you know any other advertising company that is better than google then let us know your answers in the comment section

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