Famous Foods Around The Globe

Famous Foods

Are you sad, or do you need food? Research says that food can make you happy. Do any of you wish to taste famous foods around the world? If yes, then we are in the same boat.

But I’m afraid that you can’t taste these foods through the screen. However, you may get to know the ingredients to cook it yourself! I mean, didn’t this pandemic teach you how to cook for yourself at least?

Keep in mind that these globally famous foods can be from anywhere.

1. Baguette – Paris, France (Famous Foods)

Let’s start with an easy one. Everyone has flour, yeast, and salt in their house. So bake some bread! The word Baguette was first used in 1920, but people used to make these bread even before its name. So technically, Baguette is a classic image of France. It is light, airy, long bread with a crispy crust. This famous food is perfect for breakfast and evening brunch! 

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies –  Whiteman, USA

Who is not familiar with this heavenly cookie? Its salty and sweet flavor makes it one of the most famous foods around the globe, and you don’t even need to learn the recipe for this because everyone knows it already! Right? The origin story behind famous foods is pretty long, so let’s keep that for another time and move on to the next food!

3. Naan – India, Asia (Famous Foods)

Naan or Flatbread, whatever you like to call it. It is the most famous food in some Asian countries served with gravy. Its roots are in India. The documented clues of naan were found in 1300 AD notes of some Indo-Persian poets. There are many types of naan, but it was originally made in two versions. The first one is Naan-e-tunak (light bread), and the second one is naan-e-tanuri (baked in the stone walls of the oven).

4. Fajitas – Texas, USA

Next, we have these tasty and famous foods that originated from Mexico. But technically referred to Tex-Mex food. It is made with marinated skirt steak and served in a wheat flour tortilla. It is popular in Asia too.

5. Mac and Cheese – Virginia, USA

How you doing?? Remember Joey from Friends? I sometimes wonder if anyone can be a true foodie like him? Don’t worry; I just brought up this right now because Mac and Cheese was his favorite food and many other Americans. The preferred American combination includes curved macaroni pasta and cheddar cheese. Due to many variations, it became a famous food inside and outside America too.

6. Biryani – Northern India, India

There is a debate about biryani’s origin, but it is still a famous food in India and Pakistan. The Biyani word is derived from the Persian word Birian, meaning fried or roasted. The main ingredients of biryani are rice (basmati), spices, the base of meat, and optional numeral ingredients.

So these are some of the plain yet famous foods globally. Which one would you like to try?  

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