Euro 2020: Latest News Regarding the Semi Finals and Final

Semi Finals and Final

Euro 2020 is an event that is famous worldwide in world football after, of course, the World Cup. Its reach is massive and the fans wait eagerly for 4 years to witness such an event. For the first time, the European championship is being held all across Europe, and it’s almost time for the semi finals and final. This action was a part of the preventive measures taken by UEFA. Holding an event in one country could lead to a horrific situation in the pandemic, therefore the step to hold the matches in different countries sounded better.  

About almost a million viewers watched the opening weekend games of the competition. The aforementioned stat shows how greatly the fans enjoy this competition. In comparison to Euro 2016, this year, more people are watching at home in quarantine life. UEFA’s decision not to hold the competition last year due to the deadly spread of covid-19, and now to carry the competition in different countries is proving to be a smart one.

1. Semi finals and Final to be held with over 60 thousand fans, UEFA announced.

As announced by UEFA, the semi finals and final of this year’s Euro competition will take place at Wembley. The stadium is home to the English national side and was even the home of Hotspurs when their stadium was in the re-building process. The semis and the final so played will be the games with the most number eyes on them. Wembley Stadium, London will host approximately 60 thousand fans according to UEFA on 6th, 7th, and the 11th July.

2. Euro 2020 Wembley fixtures

The teams reaching the semis will face off in an intense battle for supremacy. The encounter of the 4 sides involved in the semi-finals then leading to the final will take place in England at the Wembley. The first semi-final at the 6th while the second semi-final on the 7th of July will determine the finalists. The finalists will then move on in a quest to achieve the glory on the 11th of July at Wembley again.

3. Guidelines for spectators in attendance for semi-finals and final

As mentioned by UEFA, the spectators must follow all the respective guidelines of covid-19. In compliance with all the rules and guidelines, the fans should follow the following steps:

  • Wear masks at all times
  • Maintain as much distance as possible
  • Fully vaccinated fans can enter the stadium
  • Stay contactless as much as possible 

4. Obsession for Euro 2020 Among Fans

This event is not just some regular sporting competition for the Europeans. This is a fight for supremacy, a fight for dominance for the throne of European football and to prove who is superior. Last time out, the Portuguese side came out victorious at this tournament. They were the most dominant force in Europe at that time. With the presence of such enthusiasts, the craze for semi-finals and the final will grow exponentially. 

 Such is the level of this competition and UEFA is keen on showing that we are moving to a better and healthier situation by enforcing the decision of allowing almost 75% of fans into the stadium. This platform can be a source of portraying a good image. This image will show that the world is still a much better and healthier place than ever before. This latest news is proving as a sigh of relief for the fans incaged at homes.

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