Cool Apps for Building a New Website on Your Own

Apps for Building a New Website

Developing a website before the cool apps for building a new website on your own was indeed a hair-pulling task because,

  • Having a profound knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Managing databases and identifying the relation between tables was a tedious job.
  • Hiring testers for testing the website.
  • Implementing Jquery for animation.
  • Scripting every form with javascript.

Living in a technological era where almost everything revolves around technology has made Websites building a center of attention for all businesses. Those days have gone, when creating a website was wholly dependent on big and chunky lines of Html and CSS scripts. There are many apps for building a new website using CMS platforms which will make website building an easy task because,

  • You don’t have to sit 24/7 in front of your PC to write those bulky codes.
  • The best part, you don’t have to worry about the database.
  • Moreover, you don’t even have to memorize many HTML, CSS, and Javascript codes for building up your website.

Are Apps For Building a new website easy to use? Yes , but I prefer you to have your hands good on HTML and CSS.


I will answer this question by asking you a simple question, so hear me out. Can you write an essay without knowing English vocabulary? Foreshore, your answer is a big NO because writing an essay without using basic English vocab is merely impossible. Similarly, building a website without knowing much about HTML and CSS is risky. Using CMS apps without any knowledge about HTML and CSS will allow you to create a website with certain limitations.

Well! If you are a newbie in web development, using these amazing CMS apps for building a new website can help you create an amazing website.

Let’s dive in.

1. Cool Apps for Building  A New Website on Your Own

Websites fall into various categories, which means not every CMS app is used for developing any website. Before digging into the CMS apps for building a website, let’s first understand different websites.

2. Types of Website

There are Two types of Website that mention below

2.1 Static Websites

Static websites are fixed websites where the website content is not changed rapidly as the term itself elaborates. Blogging websites, educational websites are perfect examples of static websites because they don’t require rapid content upgradation.

2.2 Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites are opposite to static websites because these websites are not fixed and require rapid changes. News and e-commerce websites are perfect examples for understanding dynamic websites because the content on these sites is updated more often.

Once you have a clear idea about different types of websites, let’s now bring down the curtains for using cool apps to build a new website on your own.

Ready, steady and go

2.2.1 Blogspot

As the name itself refers, Blogspot is one of the best platforms for newbie bloggers who want to create their website without purchasing domain and hosting. Blogspot offers a wide range of various themes that can add more value to your website. Building a website on Blogspot is free, and a person with a Blogspot site can earn money through Google Adsense.

So if you are a fresher in blogging, I prefer you to use Blogspot to make your first website.

2.2.2 Joomla

Joomla was the first CMS (Content Management System) Apps for Building a New Website. It is also an open-source platform for building static and dynamic websites, but you have to buy your domain and hosting to make a Joomla website. Moreover, a Joomla user can use different templates for different types of content on the same website. 

2.2.3 WordPress

WordPress is a widely used CMS( Content Management System) for building any website. Various plugins in WordPress have made WordPress popular among all CMS platforms. WordPress is best for blog sites because of its SEO Yoast. The content can easily be optimized, whereas building an e-commerce website on WordPress using an ajax search bar can enable users to search for any product on the website.

 2.2.4 Shopify

 No doubt, Shopify is an easy CMS tool for building up a user-friendly e-commerce website, which means with Shopify, a user can build an online presence for its physical store. These include all the significant functions used apps for building a new website.

2.2.5 WIX

Wix is a platform for building cloud-based websites. Wix is used for building and website just by simple drag and drop functionality. Building a website on Wix, you don’t have to purchase a domain because Wix does this for its user and offers a wide range of templates that can quickly build your website in less time.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article; What are the best apps for building a new website? Share your answers down below the comment section

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