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The Most Unique Restaurants In The World!

Unique Restaurants

Many people love to dine out often and it is good to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones. Everyone has their favorite go-to restaurant when they plan to dine out but some of you might prefer to go with the flow or want to experience thrill …

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Famous Foods Around the Globe, Part 2!

Foods Around the Globe

Hello, everyone! I hope that all of you are in good health and shape. Talking about the shape, not being weird but would you like to tell me, what shape of potato do you love? I love them in the shape of french fries and I am sure many of …

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Which Healthy Diet Prevents Heart Disease

healthy diet

I don’t know if any of you noticed it but the rate of heart disease is increasing day by day and that is an alarming situation. If we won’t control our eating habits as soon as possible, we might have to deal with bigger problems. The heart is the most …

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Famous Foods Around The Globe

Famous Foods

Are you sad, or do you need food? Research says that food can make you happy. Do any of you wish to taste famous foods around the world? If yes, then we are in the same boat. But I’m afraid that you can’t taste these foods through the screen. However, …

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6 ways to control food wastage

food wastage

Introduction Food wastage is one of the major causes of pollution. According to a study, in the UK about 4.5 million tonnes of food items that are thrown away are edible. This is because there is a lack of realization of what it might lead to. Unlike other major causes …

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