Ten Most Expensive Pets Around The World

Expensive Pets

If you are a pet lover or thinking of owning a pet, you should look at some of these most expensive pets worldwide. I won’t ask you to buy any of these because the price and maintenance would cost you a lot all along. However, almost everyone likes to have …

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Is Money Heist Worth Watching?

money heist

I have good and bad news for the Spanish Crime Drama Series La Casa De Papel fans, aka Money Heist! The good news is, the Series has wrapped, filming its finale, and the bad? Well, the Heist is coming to an end! Now the question is, why are people getting …

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Top Five Horror Movies to watch in 2021!

Horror Movies

Horror movies and their plot twists! I live for it. Quick question, what is your favorite movie genre? Well, mine is Horror. And a thriller. Are you brave enough to watch some of the most frightening, scariest horror movies all alone with the lights off? Already scared? Anyways, if you …

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Spain cancels bull-running festival

bull running

As reported a few months ago, the mayor of city Pamplona stated that the tradition of the bull-running festival will not take place again. For an event that gathers a lot of foreigners’ interest, it’s a pity to hear such news. The event was called off because of the ongoing …

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Some of the Largest Stadiums in Europe

Largest Stadiums

Are you a fan of football? Well, if you are, then you must know about the largest stadiums in the world! No? Maybe the largest stadiums in Europe, at least? It’s okay if you don’t know about the stadiums. It’s all about the game anyways. But if you are interested …

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Famous Foods Around The Globe

Famous Foods

Are you sad, or do you need food? Research says that food can make you happy. Do any of you wish to taste famous foods around the world? If yes, then we are in the same boat. But I’m afraid that you can’t taste these foods through the screen. However, …

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5 Benefits of Keeping Pets

Benefits of Keeping Pets

There are a lot of benefits to keeping pets. a pet is more likely to engage a person in multiple activities and spend some quality time that can be very entertaining. A pet acts like a companion and alongside whom a person can bring out a softer side of himself/herself. …

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