Biggest Food Manufacturing Companies In The World

You love food and yet you never try to check out some of these biggest food manufacturing companies in the world but you don’t have to be worried about that because in this blog I am going to unveil the secret to you.

Some of the brands are in the markets for decades and that’s how you prove your worth. These food manufacturing companies took decades to create their impressions and we can see all the hard work that has been done. I don’t want to waste any further time in telling you why these food manufacturing companies are on top because after reading the names you will surely get all your answers.

1. Archer Daniels Midland Company – $64.65bn

Next, we have archer daniel with a revenue of $64.65 billion. Commonly known as ADM. It is an American food manufacturing corporation that was founded in 1902 so it’s been a long since ADM is in the market. It is headquartered in Chicago. According to their official site, they scooped up Neovia that focuses on animal feed. Other than that ADM operates more than 270 plants and 420 crops procurement facilities around the world. It produces products like oils and meal from soybeans, cottonseed, sunflower seeds, canola, peanuts, flaxseed, Palm kernel, and DAG oil, as well as corn germ, corn gluten feed pellets, syrup, starch, glucose, dextrose, crystalline dextrose, high fructose corn syrup sweeteners, chocolate, ethanol, and wheat flour.

2. Cargill – $113.5bn

Let’s start with Cargill with a revenue of $113.5 billion. Many of you may not be familiar with Cargill but it is famous across a variety of markets. Cargill produces chocolate refined oil, salt, and sugar. It was founded by William Cargill over 150 years ago and now it has many business divisions in more than 60 countries. It is an American global food corporation based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and incorporated in Wilmington. Virgil plays an important part in agriculture, carbon solutions, pharmaceuticals, beauty, and more. Right now Cargill secures a position in the top ten biggest food manufacturing companies in the world.

3. Bunge – $41.14bn

It is an American agribusiness and food company with a revenue of $41.14 billion. It is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It is an international exporter of soybean and a trader of food processing grain and fertilizer. It has approximately 32,000 employees in 40 countries. It produces Edible Oil Products, Milling Products, Sugar and Bioenergy, and Fertilizer. Oh by the way, it is a competitor of Cargill and ADM too.

4. George Weston – $50.1bn

It is Australia’s largest consumer products company. However, it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Associated British Foods Plc. Its brands include Tip Top and Top Taste. It’s net worth grew by 3.2% to $50.1bn year-on-year in 2019. It is a North American bakery that includes commercial bread, artisan, doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, rolls, and more. Other than that it has 40 bakery facilities in Canada and the US that employ around 6,000 people. Its brands include Wonder, Ace Bakery, Country Harvest, Casa Mendosa, and D’Italiano.

5. Nestle – $63.8bn

Moving on to the world’s renowned brand and food manufacturing company Nestle. Who doesn’t know about it? Nestle reported organic growth of 3.5% in 2019 according to research. It has approximately 291,000 employees and is headquartered in Switzerland. It is one of the world’s largest and biggest food and non-alcoholic companies. If we talk about its brands then it has around 2000 brands from global icons to local preferred FMCG products. It is currently present in 191 countries around the world. Its brands include;

Milk Products and Nutrition


Prepared Dishes and Cooking Aids

Chocolates and Confectionery

Vending and Food Services



6. Sysco Corporation – $60.1bn

Sysco is an American multinational corporation that includes the marketing and distribution of food products. The net sale of Sysco was increased by 2.4% to $60.1 billion in 2019. Headquartered in Houston, US, Sysco Corporation has approximately 323 distribution facilities globally and employs more than 69,000 people. The company’s primary operations are situated in North America and Europe. The acronym for Sysco is Systems and Services Company. It doesn’t only involve food products but also small wares, kitchen equipment, and tabletop items to restaurants, healthcare, and educational facilities, hospitality businesses like hotels.

7. JBS – $51.7bn

It is the world’s largest meat processing company in the world by sales. JBS is a Brazilian company that produces factory processed beef, chicken and pork, and also sells by-products from the processing of these meats. It is headquartered in São Paulo. the net worth of JBS climbed by 12.6% to $51.7bn in 2019 compared with the previous year, attributed to strong demand from China. It was founded in 1953 in Anápolis, Goiás. The company had 150 industrial plants around the world in 2017. Where global pandemic impact the revenue growth of many food manufacturing companies but it did not impact the revenue of JBS.

8. Tyson Foods – $42.4bn

Let’s talk about Tyson foods with a revenue of $42.4 billion. It is also an American multinational corporation based in Springdales, Arkansas. It is reportedly the world’s second-largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork after JBS S.A. and annually exports the largest percentage of beef out of the United States. According to research Tyson Food was involved in many controversies related to the environment, animal welfare, and the welfare of their own employees. They did not implement recommended SOP’s to protect its workforce, including physical distancing measures, plexiglass barriers, and wearing of face masks during a global pandemic.

9. PepsiCo – $36.26bn

Last but not least, let’s talk about this American multinational food, snack, and beverage corporation headquartered in Harrison, New York with a revenue of $36.26 billion. It is one of the largest and most renowned foods and beverage companies that was formed in 1965 with the merger of Pepsi-cola company.

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