6 ways to control food wastage

food wastage


Food wastage is one of the major causes of pollution. According to a study, in the UK about 4.5 million tonnes of food items that are thrown away are edible. This is because there is a lack of realization of what it might lead to. Unlike other major causes of pollution that result in the creation of pollutants, this one is solvable in the short run. This short-run solution is impossible especially after we leave out almost 20-30% of our food and it eventually gets bin. 

Few skills are necessary to control the wastage of food and with minimal efforts, we will overcome the problem of food wastage. The food manufacturers and agriculturists occupy thousands of acres of land but in the end, when it comes to the utilization of their goods, they become unusable. The amount of GDP generated by the above-mentioned sectors is incomparable with others but just like other industries, they also become a cause of an unhealthy environment.

Following are the 6 ways to control food wastage:

1. Proper Labelling of food items

Most of the food items we see are not properly labeled. The dates mentioned on their packaging in most cases are misleading. Wrong interpretation can lead to even more food wastage. There are a lot of food items that are edible even after the given expiry date on the label. Families around the world consider it unsafe to use such items that have expired according to the label. In actuality, some items can even last longer than their expiry dates mentioned in the packages.

Proper Labelling of food items

2. Distribute the surplus food to avoid food wastage

From the daily consumption of food, if a portion reaches either a neighbor or to the maids, then the concept of food wastage will diminish. The level of food wastage will go down exponentially as the extra food generation will be dealt with in a proper manner. Wanderers and the less privileged are also in search of something to eat regularly and they will benefit from this good cause as well. 

Proper Labelling of food items

3. Conventional usage of freezers will eliminate food wastage

This is a dire need for any household where food is cooked daily. People rather focus on keeping the surplus in their bins rather than storing it. This way, it proves to be very helpful and promises less food wastage. The food kept inside the freezers will finish eventually as one who wishes to consume it, can eat it later. In this way, food wastage will not be a threat to us

Conventional usage of freezers will eliminate food wastage

4. Smart Purchases 

People tend to buy heaps of food items that they do not consume and hence go into the liter in semi-used condition. A person needs to be a smart buyer and should buy what he needs, not what he desires. There is a big difference between a smart buyer and a hoarder


Smart Purchases

5. Purchasing of artistic food items

People do this every day yet ignore the fact that they think otherwise. At supermarkets, the majority of the food purchased by the buyers is picture-perfect, best-looking food. The shape, size, and glossy colors of an apple might attract but the one that tastes better will be the one opposite to such features. Leaving behind the not-so-good liking food is going to waste. This cause of food wastage is ignored the most.

artistic food

6. Utilization of skin

The skin of fruits or chicken contains many nutrients. The consumption of which can help in eliminating major diseases. A person will benefit a lot if he/she consumes the skins of veggies, fruits, and chicken. According to a medical institution, the skin of an apple contains antioxidants that can fight cancer. This type of action can help major food wastage problems.

Utilization of skin

The current environmental problems need addressing and require proper treatment. With the burning of fossil fuels, emission of greenhouse gases, and many other harmful happenings, our planet is deteriorating. No one knows at what stage our planet’s system will come down, so why not be extra-cautious from today? 

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