10 Latest News About Computer Technology

Latest news about computer technology

We are living in the era of computers, computer-generated software, computerized robots, and whatnot? Whether it’s a calculation of complex sums, a huge database, or working on computer programming, all the day-to-day office work is doable through the invention of Charles Babbage, known as a computer. As aforementioned, this technology is globally spread. Every day, we go past the latest news about computers and their advancement. The latest news about computer technology changes from country to country as most countries would show about the preferences of their homeland.

1. What is the ten latest tech news? 

There is always some news circulating in the political department. Such is the case of the technical department where we see the latest news about computer technology with every passing hour. Globally the media platform focuses on topics that are more controversial and eye-catching. Still, the media focuses on the magnitude of the new technology in use in the tech world. In contrast, most of the controversial part is partially neglected. Here are the top 10 latest news about computer technology that is currently circulating worldwide:

2. One Plus Nord N200 announces new 5G specifications. 

The latest news about computer technology is mostly concerned with the advancements in smartphones, the internet, software programs, etc. The CEO of One Plus has revealed the images of the new cell phone along with the 5G specifications. “The latest interaction with the CEO has revealed the phone will come with a 6.49-inch 1080p LCD and will likely retain the 90Hz refresh rate of the OnePlus Nord N100” (Vineet Washington).

One Plus Nord N200-01

3. Apple announces a new feature that will not be available in China.

The feature named the “private relay” brings in many changes to advertisements and their reach. Such a feature will not allow the bots, advertisers to locate the apple users. Therefore, Apple devices will be much more secure than ever before.” Apple’s decision to withhold the feature in China is the latest in a string of compromises the company has made on privacy in a country that accounts for nearly 15 per cent of its revenue” (by Reuters).

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4. Twitter asked for more time to comply with new IT rules set by the Indian Govt.

With a recent change in the rules of the IT industry in India, the social networking site Twitter pleads for more time to comply with such rules(Press Trust Of India).

Latest news about computer technology-03

5. A New algorithm for model quilting

The latest news about computer technology also includes the invention of a new algorithm that would be helpful in quilting. “This is new prototype software that can facilitate pattern-making for a form of quilting called foundation paper piecing” (Stamford University).

6. WiFi signals used for powering small electronics

The internet is an entity that is always present in the latest news about computer technology. As announced by the National University of Singapore,” WiFi sources to transmit information wirelessly between devices have grown exponentially. Usage of WiFi results in the widespread use of the 2.4GHz radio frequency that WiFi uses, with excess signals available to be tapped for alternative uses”.

Latest news about computer technology-04

7. Simulation tool found by researchers to prevent pest spread

“North Carolina State University researchers have developed a computer simulation tool to predict when and where pests and diseases will attack crops or forests.” The news mentioned above was one of the most highlighted parts of the latest news about computers technology.

8. Computers can now predict our liking and disliking directly by our brains

Another latest news about computer technology says that now it is possible to predict a human’s preferences by comparing them with other brains and carrying out their preferred choices(University of Copenhagen).

9. Apple fixes a problem found in SSD wear in M1 Macs

A problem regarding the SSD’s of the M1 Mac is under consideration. Apple is satisfying the loyal customers who were facing such problems(Darren Allan).   

10. Windows 10 in lowest prices

As reported a few days ago in the latest news about computer technology, the Windows 10 for new and old users is available at the cheapest of prices, and this is a major drop as mentioned by operating system’s experts(Tabitha Baker).

11. Samsung holds a manipulative position in sales of smartphones.

After collecting overall sales of smartphones in the first quarter of this year, it reflects that Samsung’s market share of sales of smartphones worldwide was more than 20%, according to Gartner(Sean Keene).

12. What is new in the computer world?

The pace at which computer technology is moving is fascinating to watch, and the type of barriers that such technology can break are seemingly unlimited. Rarely a day goes by where there is no latest news about computer technology and its development. Here are 3 of the latest computer technologies: 

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain 
  • Cybersecurity 

12.1 Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is a concept of infusing human activities into machines by observing the habits, liking, disliking, thinking of human beings. Basically, it is a concept of imitating us humans but in the shape of robotics. Every day there is the latest news about computer technology, especially about artificial intelligence in particular.

Latest news about computer technology-05

12.2 Blockchain

It’s a system built in such a way that hackers, spammers, and online fraudsters do not stand a chance to trouble the software systems, and therefore the security of such software systems remains intact. This blockchain system is mostly present daily in the latest news about computer technology.

12.3 Cybersecurity

Another technology that keeps circulating in the top 10 latest news about computer technology is the invention of cybersecurity. This technology keeps the computer, mobile phones, and electronic systems safe from cyber-attacks which spammers generally carry out on computer systems with a sub-standard security system. This latest computer technology makes sure to create a check and balance about the potential malware.

Latest news about computer technology-06


As mentioned above about the latest news about computer technologies, the highlighted ones were proof that at how much pace, the technology is moving. Technology worldwide is growing exponentially, and therefore the latest news about computer technology will keep updating daily.

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